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Regional Project Director ( RPD)



日本での、担当する新製品開発のプロジェクトリードを担っていただくポジションです。 担当するプロジェクトのスコープ内での予算管理を含む、日本での製品開発のプランニングから実行までが職責となります。

Management and execution of the product development in the life cycle from project start to end within the scope of the project:
・Leading the Core Teams, Project Teams and Project Control & Management Teams with representatives from relevant functions and disciplines
・Developing an effective, professional, motivated and dedicated Project Team capable of delivering on project targets
・Supporting performance appraisal of individual team members, including assurance that team members’3P targets are linked to project goals. Provides performance appraisal input to line management
・Leading execution and reporting-together with the team-of tasks needed to meet Key Deliverables and Project Milestones and being accountable to GPT and DRC for the progress of the project
・Managing and driving cost-efficiently the development of the project in accordance with the Project Manual delivering product profiles that enable fulfilment of the DPComm visions/targets
・Evaluating and deciding -together with team-on cost and time for each task
・Challenging-together with the team-the line function on speed, quality and cost for project tasks
・Updating monthly project’s progress and managing project resources as per existing guidelines.

・PD is fully accountable to GPT and DRC for maximizing the value of projects.
This value maximization is to be implemented within the target and resource framework as decided by EMT/DPComm decision.
・Driving the establishment, evaluation and recommendation of strategic development options to maximise the project value. The recommendations to GPT and DRC on strategies, plans and options are given after cross-organisational challenge.
・Managing and leading the preparation and update of key deliverables, milestones and the relevant plans.

・Being responsible, in agreement with the GPT and DRC for the internal and external project communication strategies and implementation within Projects
・Acting as the project communicator throughout the organisation, creating both knowledge about and enthusiasm for the project.


  • ・製薬又はその関連業界の事業会社、もしくは大学病院等の医療機関でのご経験 
    ・People Managementのご経験
    ・グローバルな環境での勤務経験 (海外赴任、または国際間での問題解決やパートナーシップのご経験)
    ・理学修士、科学修士 又は経営学修士 以上の学歴


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