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Medical Science Liansion(循環器)



・Prepare EE list and EE engagement plan
・Identify EEs in respective disease area and revise accordingly
・Prepare appropriate EE engagement plan in the assigned TA in accordance with IBPs and TA strategy
・Ensure with TA tactical execution of strategic scientific objectives as per IBP
・Prepare and submit TA MSL Monthly report include MSL activity metrics and scientific insight summary to head of TA MSL group
・Contribute to StARC and other strategic meetings
・Develop and maintain good partnership with external stakeholders throughout product life cycle
・Keep regular contact/communication with the targeted EEs
・Gain scientific insight from external experts on the assigned products
・Prepare an appropriate contents for scientific interview/scientific exchange based on scientific objectives in IBP and align within TA.
・Conduct scientific interviews/scientific exchange with EEs according to the IBPs to identify the data gap, unmet medical needs(UMN) and gain other scientific insights
・Share collected scientific insight with TA and other related functions and contribute to scientific insight review meeting for strategy and action planning
・Support development of data building to fill the gap, taking feasibility, scientific adequacy, and ethical considerations in account
・Generate the new scientific data to fill the data gap/UMN
・Support investigator initiated clinical/non-clinical studies upon request as a liaison
・Provide scientific information regarding the on/off label and un-approved drug to external customers on request basis
・Prepare an appropriate contents and align within TA
・Respond to scientific queries requested by external expert or other external customer in an appropriate timing
・Support organizing advisory board meetings or other activities which are planned and executed by TA
・Prepare appropriate plan in the assigned area in accordance with in IBP and TA strategy
・Plan and hold scientific symposium in collaborate with congress group and Medicine excellence group
・Budget control
・Adhere to effective cost management according to budget


  • ・PhD, MD, MBA, MSc
    ・Major in Medicine
    ・BI Japan in-house coaching skill (BI Japan 社内コーチングスキル)
    ・TA experience in clinical or research setting
    ・5+ years industry experience in Japan
    ・Strong negotiation and communication


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