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Drug safety Staff

Manage case processing activities for NBI’s investigational and marketed products including case submission to GPV and PMDA according to company’s internal procedure and local regulation.


・Receive and triage safety information regarding NBI’s investigational compounds and marketed products
・Process and complete assessment of all adverse events according to local GVP
・Report AE cases to GCM and PMDA according to BI SOP and local GVP
・Submit literature report/ overseas action taken report to PMDA according to local GCP/GVP
・Conduct follow up request of adverse events to medical representatives
・Manage and oversee process and quality of case processing vendor
・Maintain PV database/system
・Prepare safety monitoring plan for clinical trials sponsored by company
・Conduct safety monitoring for investigational compounds under development as a sponsor
・Serve as a TM PV for local medical sub team
・Lead preparation of J-RMP and its updates in close collaboration with GPV and NBI’s relevant functions
・Assess effectiveness of risk minimization action plan
・Assess safety information except individual cases and prepare literature report and overseas action taken report
・Prepare aggregate reports such as J-PSUR (GVP), J-DSUR and Unlisted non serious ADRs aggregate report
・Prepare Reexamination dossier (GVP part) and be responsible for GPSP inspection
・Serve as a member of pharmacovigilance working group for non international products
・Manage inquiries from health authorities and health care professionals


  • ・Knowledge of local and international PV regulation: Familiarity with ICH/local guidelines and PMDA/MHLW notifications
    ・Excellent command of English language:
    ・Evaluation of safety information including individual case safety reports: 3-5 years Pharmacovigilance/drug safety experiences
    ・Proactive and assertive attitude
    ・Team- and networker


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