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Technology Manager, Operations Team

Assist Operations Lead in implementing team strategy and achieving team vision.


・Works closely with trainers on content requirements, review, QA, hosting, and delivery management
・Manages the end-to-end process of training system implementation and maintenance, including training and tool support
・Administers system related activities, including application feeds, file transfer process (FTP) setup and management, user acceptance and integration testing and script creation
・Leads the administration and project management of LMS, SuccessFactors, Tobe1, and other technology applications and services as necessary
・Administers the internal training team learning portal, including updates and enhancements
・Liaises with the lead to curate and manage technical training content, including Mercury
・Handles expiry of materials for Globe/Mercury
・Continuously seeks to identify innovative, state-of-the-art training technologies that can accelerate trainer efficiency and effectiveness
・Partners with other market technology managers to share best practices, and push the envelope on training technology
・Ensures company policies related to content and technology management are adequately followed
・Leads direct management of vendors for day to day operations, and unique initiatives in order to achieve seamless delivery on strategic objectives
・Manages vendor relationships effectively, and continuously evaluates benefits of association
・Develops and monitors metrics to evaluate the success of training technologies and engage with stakeholders on an ongoing basis to ensure delivery meets business needs
・Aligns with trainers and appointed onboarding lead on new hire technology training expectations,
curriculum, and timeline
・Prepares and delivers high-quality training to guide and familiarize new hires with company training technologies
・Provides ongoing training and ad-hoc support to current team on new and existing technology, and content management
・Works with the Coordinator to ensure smooth, timely delivery of new hire training programs
・Implements established metrics to evaluate the success of technology training, and continuously improves training to ensure business needs are met
・Ensures all training content adheres to Medical, Regulatory, Legal (MRL) standards and guidelines, copyright laws, operational guidelines, and Code of Conduct
・Tracks and documents training delivered in accordance with company policy and local regulations
・Develops a compelling technology strategy aligned to that of the overall training team, and secures team and organization buy-in
・Designs and maintains execution plans to implement strategy, reacting to evolving business priorities, trainer needs, and resource allocation
・Engages in dialogue with field leadership and MRs to understand current technology adoption, and identify specific future requirements
・Proactively collaborates with the WW technology team to understand current and planned WW technology initiatives, and assess relevance to Japan training team needs


  • ・Degree/Certification/Licensure 4-year BA/BS degree required
    ・5+ years of professional work experience
    ・Prior experience with technology applications and digital training tools
    ・Prior experience in sales operations
    ・Demonstrated ability to successfully work in a team
    ・Ability to rally partners around established critical decisions
    ・Ability to prioritize business needs and make timely decisions based on available data
    ・Proven ability to present to and influence senior leaders
    ・Experience of engaging and managing diverse internal stakeholders
    ・Demonstrated ability to work effectively with multiple matrix teams to achieve business objectives
    ・Ability to strategize training technology needs
    ・Proactive and creative thinking to identify and address current and future technology needs, and challenges
    ・Extensive knowledge and experience in identifying and implementing instructional design technologies (e.g., e-learning, mobile learning, virtual instructor led learning)
    ・Experience in training technology maintenance and update
    ・Experience training and supporting the field force on different technology systems
    ・Ability to manage multiple vendors
    ・Demonstrated strength in facilitating discussions, presenting information and resolving issues
    ・Strong communication, organizational and interpersonal skills, and proven project management experience
    ・Strong customer - oriented perspective


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