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Senior Data Scientist /IT部門



・Engage stakeholders to understand global/regional business strategy and priorities and make a correlation to requirements for analytics and reporting.
・Understand business strategy and needs well and identify how and what analysis can drive business value.
・Find data to support analytical projects, and prepare data to support the development of information models to prove or disprove project hypotheses.
・Use tools such as SAP BI, Spotfire, SAS and SPSS to design and develop operational reports and advanced analytical models (forecasts, simulations, and optimizations). Draw conclusions, options, and recommendations.
・Make recommendations that aid in the realization of value and sustaining analytical activities, which seek to embed analytical tools within business processes.
・Promote a culture of analytics - an environment that places high value on using information in real-time to make fact-based decision making as a differentiator and competitive advantage.
・Stay current with industry best practices and trends.


  • ・MSc Degree or BSc Degree in a quantitative field such as Mathematics, Statistics, Information Technology (i.e. Analytics/Computer Science/Information Systems), Physics, Supply Chain Management, Operations Research, Engineering, Finance
    ・Strong combined background with dual majors are preferred, with more than 6 years of relevant work experience with demonstrated expertise in using information to analyze business performance, identify opportunities and solve problems.
    Desired Skills & Experience:
    ・An analytical problem solver: Strong analytical and problem-solving skills, and ability to work with incomplete or imperfect data
    ・Project Management: Project management skill especially under global environment is required.
    ・A statistician: Ability to build and interpret probabilistic models of complex, high-dimensional systems is a plus. Experience with Regression Models, Neural Networks, Cluster Analysis, Structural Equations Models, formulating and solving OR models like linear (large-scale), mixed integer, non-linear and evolutionary programming methods.
    ・Knowledge of natural language processing, text mining, Random Forest and Ensemble Models is a plus.
    ・A data visualizer and coder: Ability to identify and visualize relationships within large, not obviously related data sets. Advanced knowledge of tools such as SQL, Oracle, Spotfire, Tableau, R, SAS, SPSS.
    ・Persistent and driven: Demonstrated characteristics of a forward thinker and self motivator that thrives on new challenges and adapts to learning new knowledge.
    ・Collaborative: demonstrated experience applying excellent oral and written communication and interpersonal skills working with global and cross-functional teams towards common goals, realizing that the best results come from the combined efforts of diverse teams.
    ・Language: Business level Japanese & English are required.
    ・Knowledge and experience with SAP modules such as Finance, HR, Sales and Distribution, is desirable.
    ・Participants of data science competitions and hackatons (i.e. Dextra, Kaggle, KDD Cup) are highly regarded.


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