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Utility and Project Manager



This position has two key roles, one is management of Utility team and another one is management of GE (Global Engineering) related capital projects.

As a manager of Utility team you will be expected to:
・Contributes to the development, and drives implement, of operational plans to achieve utility strategy objectives
・Acts as a leader for a significant functional utility engineering area and manages the team member in Utility including the contractor for utility to deliver good environment on utility maintenance.
・Ensures Utility related projects are implemented in line with identified policies, procedures and standards, to achieve agreed scope and cost.
・Translates business proposals into costed options, balancing various influencing factors or alternatively reviews estimates & programmes for project work to ensure they meet agreed business targets.
・Manages the progress & expenditure of projects within own business area.
・Ensures compliance with Engineering, Safety, Health and Environment and all other work standards
・Manages the relationship with key clients and portfolio managers
・Contributes to ongoing development and performance enhancement of his/her group by measuring and monitoring key performance indicators of delivery
・Manages the co-ordination of resources within own team and across the department
・Oversees the introduction of new processes from the identification of business need, through to the timely introduction and formal acceptance of the change by all customers
・Leads individuals within own team to deliver the highest levels of performance
・Identifies and leads improvement initiatives in support of longer term business strategy
・Develops technical expertise and knowledge within project teams and own group by sharing best practices and knowledge across functions and project teams
・Manages utility related capital programs and expense budget according to plan agreed

As a Project Manager you will be expected to:
・Plan and manage the project from outset to closure, including co-ordinating and justifying Business Case development to stakeholders.
・Develop and manage a project plan, to support the activity, resources and interdependencies.
・Encourage the identification of risks and issues and ensure that these are assessed and appropriately managed.
・Develop and manage the budget and benefits realisation across the project including quality.
・Take the lead in managing relationships including internal and external team members, stakeholders and Sponsors / Project Board.
・Report progress and direct communications for the project.
・Identify and resolve issues and manage project risks, including the development of contingency response plans
・Ensure that the right people, with the right skills, are secured for the right roles within the project.
・Manage the production of the required deliverables.
・Adopt any delegation and use of project assurance roles within agreed reporting structures.
・Oversee overall progress and use of resources, initiating corrective action where necessary.
・Implement change control and any required configuration management.
・Report through agreed reporting lines on project progress through highlight reports and stage assessments.
・Identify and obtain any support and advice required for the management, planning and control of the project.
・Manage project administration.


  • ・Technical skills and knowledge of utility fascilities
    ・Basic knowledge of production process management
    ・Sophisticated level of GMP/SHE knowledge
    ・Professional level of project/programme management
    ・Profesional knowledge of requirement on validation
    ・Coaching & communication
    ・Business level English
    ・Experience in utility maintenance/isntalation in Pharmaceuticals industry.
    ・Experience in capital projects of new facility /building fascility introduction in Pharmaceuticals industry.


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