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製薬業界専門の転職・求人サイト 製薬
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MCE Capability Lead



This role has a responsibility to realize our future customer experience vision, which may require the introduction of some newer technologies such as marketing automation and AI technologies in the future.
・Work with internal/external partners (MCE, brand, IT, global) to define industry leading “best practices” for customer experiences and capabilities in these channels. Challenge the status quo.
・Understand the (in)direct channels to HCP in-depth and provide recommendations for these channels within the overall marketing mix of an integrated Customer Experience Plan to achieve customer and business goals.
・Identify creative new ways to engage the health care provider to advance their knowledge of disease state and products that they find relevant and meaningful.
・Provide guidance on investment decisions that provide the best use of funds to reach intended audience and goals through these platforms.
・Support the execution of marketing channels working in partnership with IT, brand, and agency. Participate in medical/legal/regulatory reviews as needed to support the execution of newer channels/concepts.
・Partner with IT, marketing to develop standards, tools, templates, and processes to enable best practices.
・Work with brands, agencies, analytics teams to define content standards (relative to channels) to enable the best customer experience.
・Provide guidance and help the execution of these channels within the campaigns created in partnership with MCE team and brands, including medical/legal/regulatory reviews.
・Raise the understanding of best practices within - E.g. brand marketers, brand leaders, medical/legal/regulatory reviewers.
・Establish measurement standards for these channels to include in measurement plans. Determine how to track the intended measurement of these channels.


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