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CRM&Digital部 Business Partner (Indivisual Contributor)

Working closely with total coordinator and brand managers to get the picture of Marketing strategy and Champaign plan


To deliver benefits of products to as many patients as possible, provide competitive solution and platform for sales and marketing team to create and execute the strategy sustainably from the viewpoint of Mulch-Channel approach and Data driven marketing. And contribute business by promoting the effective usage of each solution.

<Job Description>
・Working closely with total coordinator and brand managers to get the picture of Marketing strategy and Champaign plan
・Understand the execution plan of the BU Marketing strategy and brand Champaign and recommend the best way of using field force tool and digital marketing tool, then support the implementation and execution through the collaboration with IT and agencies.
・Communicate closely with Data/report coordinator and provide solution to visualize and track the progress of the plan for brand teams
・Consider the Multi-Channel approach to strengthen the cooperation between digital and field force
・By leveraging AKTANA (Suggestion function), promote data driven marketing and maximize the value of data
・Realize further improvement of field force platform and digital marketing through the communication with global team, other industry and agencies

<Job Accountability>
・Providing the best tools, report and data to support the brand plan execution
・ Optimize and simplify tools and reports continuously by sharing experience and the best practice with other Business Units
・Sharing activities to other marketing companies
・ Keep improving the field force platform and digital marketing tools
・Realize multi-channels approach from the viewpoint of field force and digital marketing


  • 《Experience》
    ・ Good knowledge of Digital Marketing and Sales force platform
    ・Agency / Vender management experience
    ■Nice to have
    ・Ideally content creation and campaign management experience
    ・Up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in digital marketing and sales force platform

    ・Data-driven thinking
    ・ Strong Excel and Power Point skill
    ・Strong communication and relationship management skills, ability to work effectively in team and across functions.

    ・English - Business level


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