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Japan Training Team Field Leadership & Skills Team, Lead



■Strategy & Planning (30%)
・Develops a compelling vision and strategy for the Field Leadership & Skills (FL & Skills) Team aligned to that of the overall training team, and secures team and organization buy-in
・Designs and maintains annual field leadership training program for RSDs & FLMs, reacting to evolving business priorities and resource allocation
・Collaborates with other Japan training team Leads to share best practices, synergize planning, and optimize delivery
・Collaborates with the Field Coaching team to ensure alignment on coaching / skills programs to be pulled-through for MRs
・Defines and manages FL & Skills Team budget to execute annual FL & Skills program, and supports overall Training Team budget planning process in a timely manner

■Team Management and Performance (25%)
・Leads a team of 2 FL & Skills training managers and coordinates their individual deployment considering training schedules, business priorities, and individual development priorities
・Encourages the team to prepare and deliver high-quality training aligned to annual plan that drive field leadership coaching excellence, and enable salesforce effectiveness
・Advocates collaboration and best practice sharing between training managers and skills-focused trainers in other markets to push the envelope on training quality
・Advocates for and encourages training managers to identify and leverage innovative adult learning methodologies that can accelerate development of field leadership
・Establishes and measures Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to evaluate the delivery of field leadership training programs to RSDs & FLMs, training manager performance, and effectiveness
・Provides ongoing coaching and mentoring to all direct reports including implementation of individual professional development plans to facilitate their growth
・Fosters team atmosphere through own attitude and actions

■Program Execution (25%)
・Provides expert input to the design and development of FL & Skills training content and vendor management
・Ensures high quality and timely implementation of FL & Skills training programs, and course corrects as appropriate to meet business needs
・Oversees co-ordination of logistics and technology for training delivery in alignment with Operations Lead
・Tracks training manager adherence to Medical, Regulatory, Legal (MRL) standards and guidelines, copyright laws, operational guidelines, and Code of Conduct while developing training content
・Supports appropriate tracking and documentation of training in accordance with company policy and local regulations

■Matrix Engagement (20%)
・Proactively engages with BU Heads, Marketing Leads, and NSDs to determine current and future learning needs of RSDs/FLMs and integrates to overall FL& Skills strategy and program ・Collaborates with the WW Selling Skills team to understand WW Selling skills programs and sustainability trainings to be rolled-out in Japan

・Coordinates training content development and delivery with matrix partners, as required

(Disclaimer: The responsibilities listed above are only a summary and other responsibilities will be requirements as assigned)


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