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Senior PK expert



・The Senior Pharmacokinetics Expert (Sr PK Expert) of the Clinical Sciences Japan (CSJ)
team will provide profound pharmacokinetic knowledge and expertise for all phases of development projects (D3-D8 and LCM activities and maintenance products). He/she will
plan and supervise the pharmacokinetic aspects of clinical pharmacology and clinical studies of assigned projects. He/she ensures adequate consideration of all aspects of the
pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic (PK/PD) relationship of development compounds.
・The Sr PK Expert acts as Clinical Science Japan representative (CSJ rep) within Japan project team and related clinical sub teams by plenty communication with CPL. As CSJ rep is directing and coordinating the CSJ sub team to complete all relevant CS activities with not only Japan but also global aspects during clinical development and to provide adequate CSJ input into phase 2 and 3 as well as LCM studies in a time and resource-efficient manner as well as to support maintenance of marketed products. Also the Sr PK Expert will act as CPL for specified projects, e.g. local development compounds.
・The Sr PK Expert represents CSJ externally in meetings with authorities and is counterpart for external key thought leaders.


  • ・Pharmacist with doctoral degree or similar training in natural science.
    ・Strong, long-term experience in drug development and in applying pharmacokinetic and biopharmaceutical principles and methodologies
    ・Highly experienced in working as part of a team and in directing teams
    ・Capable of working self-dependently and on own initiative
    ・Excellent communication and organizational skills
    ・Interest in interdisciplinary work
    ・Efficient analytical thinking and working methods,awareness of responsibility
    ・Ability to handle conflict, highly resilient
    ・Very good knowledge of written and spoken English.


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